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After a year of virtual meetings and huddling in our homes, we have finally decided to put on pants and get together in person! This meeting will primarily be a social gathering, awkwardly remembering what it's like to be social. 

In an effort to minimize risk, we ask that only folks who are fully vaccinated attend, and we can accommodate a maximum of 20 people.  We will meet outside, and we encourage mask wearing at your discretion.  Sanitizer and disposable cups will be provided, or you are welcome to bring your own drinking vessel for the evening. 

Please do bring your homebrews to share! If you would like to bring your own snacks, that's fine too!

DATE:  Tuesday, May 25, 7-10pm

ADDRESS:  901 Balmoral Drive

Beer Theme:  Quarantine brews!

Education Topic:  What to drink during a pandemic?

Beer there or beer square!

901 Balmoral Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20903


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May 25
Whatever you brewed in the last year
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Matt and Krista's house