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November Meeting Notes

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 11:45 AM

November 18, 2014 @ Gary and Claire Sharp’s House

Huge thanks to Gary and Claire for hosting our November, UK Beer-themed night. Also, thank you to Justin for organizing the tastings of tonight’s samples.

We’re honored to welcome Jason, who brought a pumpkin curry beer, and is brewing a hazelnut winter ale. Also, welcome to John, a friend of many of the other members?

Joan is organizing a Christmas Gift Swap. We’ll be paring each person with a recipient to give them a six pack. Names will be swapped and gathered two weeks before the December meeting. Joan K will send out info shortly.

Club News:

• New leadership: more formality, we won’t lose out on fun!

o Gary : IT

o Justin: Membership

o Mark: Treasury

o Rich: Education

o Helen and Sharon: Information

• The agenda will be posted in advance of each upcoming meeting both over the listserv and online on our page.

• The Captain, Robert, Roger, and Justin are working in the Maryland Law committee to discuss changes in beer and beverage law. Hoping to use Michigan and Virginia as best practices

• Cider order was a success! The Captain is brewing a pomegranate cider

• Guild Party is December 6th. It is Hawaiian themed, and will benefit a few local charities

o Denizens to hopefully be donating some free tours

o Mrs. K’s is donating a brunch for two

o Tickets might be available online at the Guild Site

• Huge push for labeling new beers! Sharon R. will be distributing tags next meeting for those that come unlabeled

• Justin, Chris, and Dan helped with tasting this session, but reminded us it is an open call for anyone who wants to get better at tasting to participate

So You Want To Start a Brewery?

• Talk hosted by Rich S. who told us that if you think your brewing is good, think about a brewery

• Need money and time, but be prepared for a lot of paperwork

• Redefine what is a beer, like Dogfish consistently does

• Full Tilt contracts their brewing space out

• Baying Hound in Rockville as an example

• Wolf’s Ridge, in Columbus, Ohio, needed $300k to start

• Nanobrewery: not technically a business entity outside of New Hampshire

o Less than 2,000 bbl

• Microbrewery: less than 15,000 bbl

• Consider:

o What makes your brewing stand out?

o Find something niche: the biggest, the best, or the first

o In a new location (women-owned brewery?)

• Needs:

o Money

o Compliance to laws

o Support

o And Future Plans

Gavin M. Discussion on “Lower End” UK Beers

• Beers tried: London Pride and Fuler’s ESB (both mid-range in ABV)

• Beers stay darker, sweet for a longer time, traditionally

• Started adding hops in the 16th century

• Learned that East Kent Golding Hops became very popular

o Myth! Hops did not originate in beer to prevent beer from spoiling on the way to India. Thanks to Elspeth for clearing that up

o Hops taste better with spicy foods

o Myth! Beer was made because water was bad

• Bitter differentiated from fresh/recently brewed beer

• Some classifications are: Best Bitter, Ordinary Bitter, Boy’s Bitter, and Extra Special Bitter

• Low acid ratio in the hops keeps them on the sweet side

• Low alcohol: 4.6-6.2%

• Overall, if you’re not into hops, you’ll like these.

Dan K: Scottish and Scoth Ale

• Beers tried: Belhaven Scottish Ale, Belhaven Wee Heavy, Old Chub Nitro

• BJCP Category 9

• Had to grow hops in Scotland,

• Pale ales, roasted barley for color

• Lower alcoholic levels

• Learned about 30 Shilling and cost of hog’s head for beer

• Amber, mild-malt forwards for Scottish Ales

• Scotch ales were 90 shillings

• Wee heavy were smaller casks, they were expensive. Ask for a wee glass of the heavy!

Joan K: Porters and Stouts

• Beers tried: Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter and Imperial Stout

• Porters came first, then stouts

• First beer aged in brewery

• A “Stout Porter” became just a stout after some time

• 18th Century beers, heavily roasted malts, became toasted

• Light colors were porters, darkers became stouts

• Porters: lighter barley, sweeter, and full bodied

• Huge thanks for passing around some malts!

Allen P: Old Ales

• Beers tried: Old Peculiar, Innis and Gunn

• 1060-1080, Old Peculiar is under 1060 and thereby lower in alcohol

• Aged and served as strong ales, but very flavorful

• Good as a blend

• Innis and Gunn is barrel-aged in a rum barrel




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