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September 2014 Guild Meeting notes

Posted by on September 27, 2014 at 4:55 PM

Here are the notes from the latest Free State Homebrew Club Guild (the Guild) meeting. 

Free State Homebrew Club Guild meeting minutes

 September 15, 2014


Chris Anderson (Guild treasurer)

Stewie Kinsey (Brewtherville Labs rep)

Brad DeShong (CSI rep)

Dwight Gillis (Wootown rep)

Chris Gough (Guild webmaster)

Steve Hulbert (BaltiBrew rep)

Lauree Hinkle (acting MALT rep)

Paul + Jamie Langlie (BURP reps)

Eric + Debbie Lyons (Midnight Homebrewers reps)

JD Oltman (Killer Ales rep)

Allen Perper (BADASS rep)

Ben Schwalb (Guild secretary)

Les White (Guild president)

Don Zwach (CRABS rep)




• Will continue despite the accident in which one person died and another was seriously injured.

• Might still be at Organarchy.


2) Comptroller’s Cup

• We got short notice of the date.

• There was a Ravens game that day.

• We had to scramble for judges and made BAM supply bulk of them.

• Several judges not happy about circumstances.

• We will take steps to prevent these problems in the future.


3) Zymurnauts/SPBW/Guild crab feast

• Saturday 9/20, noon-6 PM.

• Sold out. Oversold: 285 tickets.

• Location: Ridgely’s Run Community Center in Jessup –

• Zymernauts are the lead (Steve Hulbert / Kevin Schenk).

• We need help with setup/cleanup, and possibly with crab delivery – contact Steve Hulbert or Kevin Schenk.

• Have to exit/clean up quickly due to evening event there.

• LnL (Les+Les) will cater.

• Bendt Fendyr will perform again.

• Homebrew challenge: $50 gift certificate to MDHB for winner. Remind your attending members

• 5 commercial casks, 1 half barrel of draft beer. Will be stored in MDHB’s walk-in and Kevin will pick up Saturday morn.


4) Baltimore Beer Week

• October 10 – 19.

• Website:

• There is a Guild login to BBW site to enter/edit events. MDHB also has a sponsorship that can have events added to website. Contact Boy Chris ( to submit an event under the Guild logon.

• Opening tap celebration at BAM Oktoberfest on 10/11. See

• Friday 10/10: BaltiBrew’s ChiliBrew. See

• Saturday 10/11: Nepenthe Brew-B-Q. See

• Sunday 10/12: Tap handle turning and CSI beer tasting at Mark Supik’s. See

• Sunday 10/12: Brewtherville Labs event at Mt Washington Tavern.

• Monday 10/13, 1pm: “Pros versus Joes” competition

o At Bertha’s Mussels.

o Brew one of four styles: American Pale, American IPA, Belgian (16B), Blonde.

o Only 9 entries per style to compete against one professional.

o Public pays to enter and gets food and beer samples, voting for favorite beers.

o Brewers enter free.

o Top 8 overall favorites BJCP-judged for BoS in a blind judging.

o 6 bottles needed per entry. No entry fee.

o To enter, email your name, mailing address, phone # and beer style to You will get a confirmation email and label PDF. Attach labels and drop off at MDHB, Thirsty Brewer or Nepenthe between 9/25 and 10/9.

o 1st round prizes from pros to best of each category.

o BoS prize from Berthas.

o See for more info.

• Monday 10/13, 5pm: So You Think You Can Brew at Jailbreak Brewing. Homebrew trivia, plus a brewing demo by MDHB. See

• Tuesday 10/14: Killer Ales’ Beer Hunter movie and meet the brewer at MDHB. See

• Wednesday 10/15: Homebrew Showcase at Little Havana. See or

• Thursday 10/16: Baltimore Beer Babes coed event at Max’s, featuring Green Flash Treasure Chest (a saison with plums). See

• Friday 10/17: Heavy Seas brewing demo and Loose Cannon tasting at Nepenthe. See

• Friday 10/17: Heavy Seas brewing demo and Loose Cannon tasting at MDHB. Heavy Seas’ Chris Schultz will be there. See

• Sunday 10/19: BaltiBrew’s No Hops Gruit Ale Contest at Liam Flynn’s. See



5) Guild holiday party

• Saturday 12/6, 6-10 PM.

• Ticket pre-sales like last year. Up to 12 per club (2 for reps, 10 for club members). No excuses not to meet the deadline. Get your lists together now and send them to Les.

• Still need a venue large enough.

• Still considering Heavy Seas but space issues may be a concern.

• Jailbreak Brewing is expanding so that is a possible venue.

• Don’s church in north Laurel is a possibility. Would be $800 for 4 hours, plus liability insurance.

• Duclaw’s brewery in Baltimore county is a possibility. Have to contact the owner.

• We had 8 club tables last year. How many this year? Speak up. Counted 6 in attendance.

• Each club please get at least one place to donate. Les and girl Chris can provide donor letter.

• We’ll have a slideshow with sponsors and display raffle winners.

• Cleanup – that night? Next day? Decision will be made in advance so everyone knows.


6) Guild summer picnic

• Saturday June 6, 2015.

• Shelter 300 this time! (The one with a fridge and electrical hookup.)


7) Guild insurance

• Several clubs have obtained it through AHA.

• Guild does not get one through AHA because it is a club not of individuals but of clubs.

• Options include getting a different type of insurance through same company AHA uses but priced either around our events or number of members/clubs/attendees. Several ways to slice/dice.

• Or we could buy insurance for each event? This runs around $300/event. Quite pricey.

• Another option is a Guild club with AHA insurance could co-sponsor a Guild event, clubs could rotate around who does which event. While this option reduces risk, it doesn’t necessary completely remove Guild from any risk (according to insurance company)

• Clubs, especially those with insurance, need to discuss and we’ll add to Nov agenda for decision.


8) Charter committee report

• Several minor changes to the charter proposed. Mostly centering around clarification of Guild responsibilities, club governance, rewording of specific clauses, expanding on Guild mission and some additional points on how the Guild can arbitrate if two or more clubs have a disagreement, and how the Guild could also vote to remove a club from membership through voting.

• Subcommittee is putting suggested changes into a revised/marked up copy of existing charter and we’ll distribute to reps for review.

• November meeting we’ll review/discuss these changes, make any final adjustments with anticipation of voting to adopt the new charter at January’s meeting.

• Allen from Badass asked about having the charter put on the Guild website. After some discussion, Chris Gough suggested reps create logons on the new site and he can post the doc under password just for council members to view.


9) Person of the Year award subcommittee report

• Subcommittee has not met yet.

• We will discuss more in November.


10) Homebrew in licensed establishments

• Illegal right now according to attorney for Denisons

• BADASS has been working with local brewpubs, politicians, MO county folks trying to get the law changed or amended. Allen asked the Guild whether there was interest from the Guild or member clubs in pursuing a state-wide law change that allowed licensed establishments to allow homebrew to be served.

• While we didn’t do a formal vote, all club reps present felt it was an important topic and supported efforts to see the law change. They also made suggestions to Allen for alternative meeting locations – non-licensed places like breweries, community centers, organizations such as Elks, VFW, etc. Also suggested involving AHA because they have lots of resources and contacts to help get laws changed and may even be working on something nationally regarding this.


11) Future National Homebrewers Conferences

• A group of interested individuals from 5 regional clubs met in July and submitted a bid to AHA to host the conference in DC or Baltimore in 2016 or 2017.

o Other cities being considered for 2016: Richmond, Nashville, or North Carolina (Charlotte or Raleigh)

o 2017: the group submitted Washington D.C. as first choice, Baltimore second. But they would support either city and of course have pre-con events in the non-host city.

o No decision from AHA expected until end of this year.


12) BJCP exams

• There will be BJCP written exams on 9/20 and 12/6. Unfortunately they conflict with Guild events. Bill Heverly will conduct the 12/6 one in Frederick. Please let your BJCP judges who have at least 80 on tasting know and they can contact Bill via the website Exam schedule.


13) Treasurer’s report

• We have about $9740, but $9000 of that is crab feast sales.


14) Upcoming events (other than Baltimore Beer Week homebrew events)

• Saturday 9/27: MD Microbrewery Fest and homebrew competition (organized by MHL). All styles except sour, cider and mead. Max 4 entries/brewer and 200 entries total. They need judges! Winner brewed by Dog Brewing and served at Buffalo Wild Wings. See

• Saturday 10/11: BAM Oktoberfest. Homebrew competition run by Brewtherville Labs.

• Saturday 10/18: Chesapeake Real Ale Festival. See

• Saturday 11/1: Mead Day, Wootown event at Snyders. All clubs invited.

• Saturday 11/15: MALT’s Turkey Shoot at Peabody Heights. See for rules, registration.

• Saturday 11/15: BURP real ale fest. Must be a BURP member.


15) Next meeting

• November 10, at MDHB.


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