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Hiatus in Meeting Notes

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Hello friends! We just want to post a quick note about the lack of notes from 2015 to now. This does not mean we have not been having meetings. It just means we have been a bit too busy with all things brewing to post meeting notes. 

If you want notes, we invite you to join in the next meeting and take some! We will be glad to post them on the site if you do. Until meeting notes are resurrected, the best way to find out the latest happenings is to come to our meetings and ot...

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BADASS September 2015 Meeting Minutes

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WELCOME to 26 BADASS members and guests for the last meeting of the summer. This month’s meeting was hosted by Dan and Helen.


This month’s theme was: Fest Beers and Marzens. Festbiers are category 4B in the BJCP. (Category 4 is “Pale Malty European Lagers”) Marzens are category 6A in the BJCP. (Category 6 is “Amber Malty European Lagers”.


MEMBERS are reminded to LABEL each beer that they bring to the meetings with t...

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June 2015 Potluck Meeting

Posted by Captain Badass on July 11, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The June meeting was our annual potluck and a big shout out to Matt E for hosting the 30 or so of us.  The food was  pletiful, the beers were flowing, and the spirit was high.  We had a talk on Beer Clarity from Paul Rhinehart of Baying Hound Aleworks of Rockville. Sparked a lot of conversation on methods and ingredients for clearing up beers.  All in all, a great time.

May 2015 Meeting Notes

Posted by Captain Badass on June 2, 2015 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Here are the notes from the May 2015 meeting at the Brew Cave.

WELCOME to about 20 attendees. Thanks once again to Gary and Claire for hosting the meeting.

BREWER’S CORNER – We will be trying to use a format similar to BURP’s for tasting members’ beers and giving feedback. Ours might be a bit less formal than theirs. Brewers will be asked to briefly describe what they were attempting to brew, then allow members to taste it and participate in...

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February Meeting Notes

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BADASS February 2015 Meeting Minutes

WELCOME from Captain BADASS to about 25 attendees. Thanks to Gary and Claire for hosting us . Newbies who joined in this meeting include: Terry (the “drinker”) and Nathan (the “brewer”) who just began brewing in November and Dan Mc Mullen who is sort of a new brewer…and now making an IPA. A quick spin around the room found members brewing a Belgian double dark (Bryan), a Boddington clone (Gavin), sour ...

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January Meeting Notes

Posted by Sharon R. on February 1, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The joint meeting with BURP with a wonderful success! We met on a nice winter afternoon at the American Legion in Wheaton. The neat dimension of the meeting was the caveat we could only bring homebrews, and both clubs did not disappoint. BURP and BADASS filled the bar with tasty brews and delicious snacks.

Everybody mixed and mingled for the first hour or so as beers were shared and new friends were made. Then, BURP education and enlightenment taught us about sparging. This process...

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November Meeting Notes

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November 18, 2014 @ Gary and Claire Sharp’s House

Huge thanks to Gary and Claire for hosting our November, UK Beer-themed night. Also, thank you to Justin for organizing the tastings of tonight’s samples.

We’re honored to welcome Jason, who brought a pumpkin curry beer, and is brewing a hazelnut winter ale. Also, welcome to John, a friend of many of the other members?

Joan is organizing a Christmas Gift Swap. We’ll be paring each person with a recipi...

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October 2014 Meeting Notes

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BADASS Monthly Meeting- October 21, 2014

Thanks to Robert and Ann for hosting nearly 30 members. The club continues to grow. We have about 90 who have signed up on the website and are on the listserv. Welcome to all first time meeting attendees including: Joe (loves pumpkin beers), Andre and Paula (moved here from Michigan, likes sour ciders and beers), Bobby and Erica (hoping to try brewing/like sorghum based beers and ciders), John (likes pale ales), and Mike (our guest speaker---s...

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September 2014 Meeting Notes

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Dan and Helen were our hosts on their patio on a beautiful late summer evening. A great environment for Elspeth P to entertain us with a slide show about her fab trip to Ireland this summer for the Beer Writers Conference. The craft beer scene is finally taking off in the Emerald Isle and Elspeth told us that in just a year's time many more craft brews have become available. This is great news for a land that is dominated by Guinness, Smithwicks, and a few other macro brewers.

The be...

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May 2015 Meeting Notes

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Minutes from the BADASS meeiting on May 18, 2015.