Next Meeting 5/24/23

Brewers and Drinkers Around Silver Spring


About Us

Brewers And Drinkers Around Silver Spring (BADASS) is a neighborhood group formed in the winter of 2011 by several enthusiastic brewers and beer lovers.   The impetus for getting together stemmed from a simple appeal on the neighborhood listserv for a “Large stock pot wanted for beer brewing”.   After several responses established that a number of brewers lived in our midst, we decided to meet, as homebrewers love to get together to talk about, and taste, beer. 

Our informal monthly gatherings start with a tasting of our latest home brewed beers, ciders, and meads (or theme-based craft beers), followed by constructive critiques offered in the spirit of sharing experiences and improving the next batch.  We relish discussion of all aspects of beer, including the ingredients (hops, malts, yeast, etc.), brewing techniques and hardware, favorite beer styles, and plans for future brews.

The club is open to all local residents with a passion for this ancient and wonderful beverage. Members don’t have to be homebrewers, but should be interested in sampling a variety of beer styles (doh!), have a desire to increase their knowledge about beer and beer brewing, and be prepared to enjoy a great evening with other like-minded folks.